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Periscope:Project:Space_Hunting Shadows and Moving Rocks

Exhibition. Periscope:Project:Space.
hunting shadows and moving rocks - Tina Graf & Kamilė Jadevičiūtė

Out. Cycling through Europe. Or on hikes not far from home. 

On their journeys outdoors, Tina Graf and Kamilė Jadevičiūtė collect materials such as stones, fences, shadows, sounds, sim cards, photos, gestures, stains and dust. Using periscope as a meeting point to communicate individual experiences, found objects become an integral part of their work. The outside is brought inside, and the inside begins to grow - Natural, co-existent, symbiotic, with each other, simultaneously.


Tina Graf, 1997 Taitung, Taiwan. Lebt und arbeitet in Salzburg und Wien.

Kamilė Jadevičiūtė, 1992 Vilnius, Litauen. Salzburgerin seit 2022


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